eTrust Antivirus r8 under 64bit

eTrust Antivirus r8 under 64bit

2006-Mar-12 | Tags: antivirus

Start64!The program provides full-scale, multiplatform virus protection, also in 64-bit environment among others. The software offers a single, centrally manageable virus protection solution in all kinds of circumstances, from workstations to complex systems.

The 30-day trial version of the software is available for download here. Following a registration process, the message containing download options is sent to your e-mail address. In a 64-bit environment, it is worth downloading the largest, 376 MB archive. This contains the CD image file (568 MB); having this burned, the software is ready to be installed. Before installation it is advisable to study the compatibility table of eTrust Antivirus

eTrust Antivirus r8 - see it in original size!
eTrust Antivirus r8 - see it in original size!


Most important features

  1. Central management consol – manageable with a single consol in multiplatform environments (Windows, Netware, UNIX and Linux Antivirus clients)
  2. eTrust PestPatrol Anti-Spyware r8 and eTrust Security Command Center (SCC) integration
  3. Preparation of advanced graphic report regarding actual state, the level of threat, the source of infection and the attacks
  4. Support of the most popular platforms: Microsoft Windows 95/98/ME/NT/4.0/2000/XP/Server 2003, 2003 (Itanium, AMD), Palm OS, Novell NetWare 4.x/5.x/6.x, Macintosh, Linux, Microsoft Exchange 2000 and 2003, Lotus Notes/Domino, Pocket PC 2002 and Sun Solaris
  5. Security Research Team – effective protection system
  6. Fast Signature Distribution – keeping up-to-date automatically
  7. Simple installation
  8. One-Step Virus Block – quick network isolation 


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