Cisco IPSec VPN Client - 5.0.7 BETA - Win7 64-bit support

2010-Mar-19 | Tags: vpn

Start64!Cisco has a beta version of the IPSec VPN Client out, version 5.0.7 BETA (vpnclient-winx64-msi- available for download. It appears they got the message about the need for a 64-bit version of the IPSec client for Windows 7! It is available for download on CCO but requires a valid CCO login and current contract to get the code.

This is great news for Microsoft customers that have Cisco ASA's, PIX's or VPN 3000 concentrators deployed and their IT team is migrating their client OS's to Windows 7. Many OEM's are shipping the default OS as Windows 7 64-bit to take advantage of the all the RAM systems can support today.


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