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HOWTO AMD64 - Gentoo Linux Wiki


Start64!We Gentoo geeks (and yes, begrudgingly, those SUSE, Mandriva, and Debian et al geeks) can have a native 64-bit operating system. Nowadays (Jan, 2008) amd64 should be as stable and feature rich as x86.

Applications without 64-bit support

  • If you feel like gaming on an AMD64 system you can use all the games that are available on a regular x86 installation. The binary games will also work. The only difference is that they will pull into your system some emul-* packages as dependencies. Those emul-* packages are precompiled 32 bits versions of some basic and multimedia libraries that are needed to run 32 bit binaries under amd64. The NVidia and ATi drivers support this transparently as well.
  • IMPORTANT notice about emul-linux-x86-soundlibs: check that the alsa libraries provided by this emulation package are the same as the native ones. For reference: 2.3 has version 1.0.10 and 2.4 has version 1.0.11. So, until an emulation package with version major than 1.0.11 is released, it's better for you to use alsa 1.0.11 with emulation libraries 2.4. Otherwise you will obtain weird errors for some configurations.
  • If you want to view video clips, you will be glad to know that mplayer has come a long way, and it doesn't require win32codecs any longer to play window media stuff. However, on very specific circumstances, you can also look into the chroot below or mplayer-bin as workarounds to the 32-bit binary codec problem.
  • If you use Mozilla or Firefox there are some plugins which are not available as 64-bit versions yet. The most famous of them is the Flash plugin from Adobe. There is an open source clone called gnash but it doesn't support the newer version of Flash at the moment (and I didn't get it working). Adobe Flash can also be run with a precompiled version of Firefox, see below. (There is a petition: However it is possible to run 32-bit plugins under a 64-bit browser - give NSpluginwrapper a try. There is no 64-bit Java plugin either, but 32-bit plugins work.
  • If you want to use Adobe Acrobat Reader - Acrobat Reader 7 works fine under AMD64, the only problem is the webbrowser plugin which won't work on 64-bit browsers (but works fine with 32-bit browsers, at least Firefox). KDE's KPDF does work with Konqueror, although it doesn't support all the features of Acrobat Reader.

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