• GMER 2.0 adds Windows 8 and full x64 support

    Start64!After almost two years without a significant update, you might have been forgiven for thinking that rootkit detector GMER was on its way out. Version 2.0 has just been released, and it’s the most important GMER update for a very long time.

  • GeForce R310 Driver

    Start64!Version: 310.90 WHQL
    Release Date: 2013.01.05
    Operating System: Windows Vista 64-bit, Windows 7 64-bit, Windows 8 64-bit
    File Size: 169 MB

  • Wordfast Classic 6 with Windows 8 & Word 2013 (64-bit)

    Start64!Many existing and prospective Wordfast users are asking whether Wordfast Classic is compatible with the latest versions of Windows and Office. Wordfast Classic 6 is compatible with Windows 8 and Word 2013, both 32 and 64 bit versions (the similar Trados Workbench 8, part of Trados 2007 and now no longer supported by SDL, does not work with 64 bit versions of Word).

  • Install Windows 8 64-bit from CD and Drivers on Samsung NP700z5b

    Start64!This tutorial shows how to install windows 8 64-bit from the install cd onto a samsung 7 series laptop. I describe how then install drivers, office preview, and then create a refresh image. It is my recommendation when running windows 8 to use a microsoft outlook email address. It works better with all microsoft products and is becoming better than gmail. If you don't have one, make one.

  • How To Make Gta 4 Work On Windows 8 64bit and fix loading problem

    Start64!This video shows how to make gta 4 work on windows 8 64bit and how to fix loading problem.


  • Win+X Menu Editor for Windows 8 64bit version

    Start64!Win+X Menu Editor serves to provide you a simple and useful way to edit Win+X menu without system files modification in Windows 8. It keeps untouched your system integrity.

  • Operating System Buying Guide

    Start64!This updated and improved guide covers all the major operating systems including the newly released Microsoft Windows 8 & Google's Chrome OS

  • New Site!

    Start64!Windows on ARM - Windows RT -

  • Windows 8: upgrade from 32-bit to 64-bit system

    Start64!You need to be very careful when you want to upgrade from a 32-bit version of Windows to a 64-bit version of Windows 8. Microsoft, for whatever reason, decided to make things complicated. If you run the Upgrade Advisor to buy a copy of Windows 8 online, you will always get the version of Windows 8 that is corresponding to the currently installed version of the operating system.

  • How To Tell if You Have Windows 8 64-bit or 32-bit

    Start64!The two major editions of Windows 8, Windows 8 (standard) and Windows 8 Pro, can each come in either 64-bit or 32-bit format. Knowing which type of Windows 8 you have is important so you choose the correct drivers and software for your operating system.

  • AMD Catalyst™ Display Driver for Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8 64-bit

    Start64!Version: 12.10
    Release date: 2012-10-22
    File Size: 184 MB

  • Bypass Modern UI 64bit version

    Start64!In Windows 8, Microsoft has prohibited the user to log on straight to the Windows Desktop through a system licensing policy. Due to this policy, you always have to start with the Modern UI. If you’re a power-user, or you just want choice, you should be able to boot your system straight to the desktop. I’m not against the Modern UI, and I have no problem with the start screen, but I’m pretty sure I (and many others) don’t need it right from the beginning of a session.

  • Mouse and Keyboard Center 64-bit version

    Start64!Mouse and Keyboard Center helps you personalize and customize how you work on your PC. Tailor your mouse and keyboard to meet your unique needs and work style. Modify your mouse and keyboard settings to make it easier to use the unique features of most PC apps. View and change basic and application-specific settings for all connected devices in one place.

  • How to use Eyetoy on Windows 8 64-bit

    Start64!How to use Eyetoy on Windows 8 64-bit


  • Windows 7 SP1 x64 vs Windows 8 Pro x64 build 9200 (RTM): Gaming Performance

    Start64!In less than two weeks, Windows 8 will be available for anyone to buy and install on their personal computers or simply, upgrade their current operating system. But is Windows 8 any good? Since I will focus on performance this will not be a review but a gaming performance comparison between Windows 7 and Windows 8.

  • GeForce R304 Driver

    Start64!Version: 306.97 WHQL
    Release Date: 2012.10.10
    Operating System: Windows 8 64-bit, Windows 7 64-bit, Windows Vista 64-bit
    File Size: 220 MB

  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5

    Start64!The .NET Framework 4.5 is a highly compatible, in-place update to the .NET Framework 4. By using the .NET Framework 4.5 together with the C#, Visual Basic, or F# programming language, you can write Windows apps. The .NET Framework 4.5 includes significant language and framework enhancements for C#, Visual Basic, and F# (so that you can more easily write asynchronous code), the blending of control flow in synchronous code, a responsive UI, and web app scalability.

  • How to: Install Windows 8 Professional 64-bit

    Start64!I install Windows 8 Professional 64-bit and go over some of the features including the new Windows Update.

  • Remote Server Administration Tools for Windows 8

    Start64!Remote Server Administration Tools for Windows 8 includes Server Manager, Microsoft Management Console (MMC) snap-ins, consoles, Windows PowerShell cmdlets and providers, and command-line tools for managing roles and features that run on Windows Server 2012. In limited cases, the tools can be used to manage roles and features that are running on Windows Server 2008 R2 or Windows Server 2008. Some of the tools work for managing roles and features on Windows Server 2003.

  • GeForce R304 Driver

    Start64!Version: 306.23 WHQL
    Release Date: 2012.09.13
    Operating System: Windows Vista 64-bit, Windows 8 64-bit, Windows 7 64-bit
    File Size: 175 MB

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