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  • Patriot Division 4 Viper Xtreme PC3-12800 16GB Kit Review

    Start64!At the moment it feels like we've got an almost 1 to 1 ratio when it comes to X79 motherboards and accompanying Quad Channel kits, especially over the last week as we see less boards coming in, but more RAM arriving with the latest company to offer us a Quad Channel Kit of RAM being Patriot.

  • Corsair Vengeance PC3-15000 16GB Kit Review

    Start64!The other day we looked at the new Corsair Dominator GTX8 8GB kit and we found ourselves really impressed with what Corsair was offering us. The problem with this kit is that to achieve 2400MHz DDR, you need a CPU that's able to offer that kind of speed and as we mentioned in that review, out of the three 3960X CPUs we had, only one could achieve this speed with the other two maxing out around the 2300MHz DDR area.

  • Corsair Vengeance Quad-Channel Memory Review

    Start64!Corsair Vengeance DDR3 memory modules are geared toward the enthusiast and overclocking communities. The reason the Vengeance memory modules can target these market segments is because they are selected for their high-performance and overclocking potential. In addition, all kits of Vengeance memory utilize an aluminum heat-spreader design that improves heat dissipation for overclocking and, if it matters, a sleek design that can be had in multiple colors.

  • Q: Does the 64-bit version of an OS use more memory than the 32-bit version of the same OS?

    Start64!A: You now have the choice to use the 32-bit or 64-bit version of most Windows OSs today (except for the latest server OS, Windows Server 2008 R2, which is now exclusively 64-bit). The reasons to go 64-bit include greater access to memory for 64-bit applications, access to more than 4GB of physical RAM (although often systems only see around 3GB because other devices use up the memory address space), and improved security capabilities. However, a common question is, does the 64-bit version actually use more memory than the 32-bit counterpart?

  • Patriot Viper Xtreme Series Division 4 Edition 32GB 1600MHz Quad Channel Memory Review

    Start64!Remember your first ever computer? I’ll bet you probably didn’t build it yourself either. Think real hard and try to visualize the box it came in, can you see the amount of memory it stated that was preinstalled on the sticker? Depending on how long ago it may have been kilobytes or megabytes. Back then the DIMMS it had were considered high density, or shall we say cutting edge? The gigabytes you have in your system now is a far cry from back then but as recently as 6 years ago 256 Mb was considered overkill.

  • G.Skill RipjawsZ PC3-17000 Quad Channel 16GB Kit Review

    Start64!We were fortunate enough to show off the new RipjawsZ kit the other week in a news post. Today, though, we really get a chance to look closer at them and see what the kit is all about. The first thing to probably cover is the name, though. On the Sandy Bridge platform we saw the RipjawsX carry with it the most aggressive clocks and timings. The new Sandy Bridge-E platform has brought with it a new series in the form of the RipjawsZ which at launch consists of a few models.

  • Netlist Develops 32GB RDIMM Memory Module with Planar-X Technology

    Start64!Netlist keeps expanding the capacity of its HyperCloud series of RDIMM memory and recently announced that it has developed a new DDR3 module that has reached a whopping 32GB in capacity. The memory module uses the standard 4Gb DRAM that is found in other high capacity DDR3 memory solutions, but packs no less than 72 such chips on a single PCB.

  • Mach Xtreme 16 GB RAM Kit Doesn't Bash Wallets

    Start64!Mach Xtreme didn't actually outright say what it was, but it promises that the price of the Urban Series Quad-Channel DDR3 memory kit will not be too hard on one's life savings. Intel's Sandy Bridge-E processors have appeared and, with them, X79 motherboards with high aims for memory.

  • Make Minecraft Faster: Java 64-Bit & More RAM

    Start64!Make Minecraft Faster Java 64-Bit & More RAM - YouTube

  • G.Skill RipjawsZ Quad-Channel DDR3 Memory Debuts

    Start64!We did say G.Skill was building the RipjawsZ set of high-end random access memory and, sure enough, just as we published the review of a certain processor, the RAM has made its official entrance. The RipjawsZ memory kit is quite high on the performance and capacity scales, not that anyone expected any less.

  • MSI LGA 2011 Motherboard Can Support 128GB of RAM

    Start64!Together with Intel's official announcement of the first processors based on the Sandy Bridge-E architecture, MSI released two new LGA 2011 motherboards one of these featuring support for 128GB of RAM according to the company.

  • SixtyFour

    Start64!SixtyFour lists apps that will open in 64-bit mode and facilitates the changing of a preference to force the apps to open in 32-bit mode.

  • VSuite Ramdisk 64bit version

    Start64!New version! - VSuite Ramdisk is a simple-to-use solution for hard-disk bottleneck issue. It employs smart software algorithm, which effectively and efficiently simulates a hard disk using existing RAM. Because the speed of RAM is so much faster than most kinds of storage, this greatly sppeds up your computer with reduced access time to files, which in turn, shows a huge improvement in overall performance.

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