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  • Xbox One Hardware Specs Include 64 Bit Architecture, 8 GB of RAM

    Start64!The new Xbox One home console from Microsoft is designed to increase the hardware power that developers and players can use and updates the way in which video games will use the expanded capabilities of the hardware.

  • Corsair Dominator Platinum 32GB 2133MHz DDR3 Review

    Start64!CORSAIR needs no introduction when it comes to performance memory products, their Dominator range being synonymous with overclockers worldwide. They have been leaders in innovation in the memory market for years so it should come as no surprise that they are once again pushing the boundaries in DDR performance.

  • Kingston HyperX Genesis 10th Anniversary Special Edition 2400 MHz C11 4x 4 GB Kit

    Start64!Kingston has been around for over 25 years now. To me, they've always been a quality brand focusing on reliability and longevity. They've not always been at the forefront of performance with their memory products, but that changed 10 years ago with the introduction of their HyperX brand, which had Kingston commit a big part of its resources to producing high-end products that meet the discerning consumer's needs. Today, we have HyperX memory, SSDs, and USB drives, and the HyperX line has expanded to offer more than just high-performance goods in every segment.

  • G.Skill TridentX F3-2666C11Q-16GTXD 4x 4GB 2666 MHz C11

    Start64!I don't need to say much about G.Skill as they are one of the most well established brands when it comes to enthusiast hardware. I've personally bought many sets of theirs over the years and each one has always met or exceeded my expectations. If you take a look at any motherboard QVL list, you'll more than likely find G.Skill on that list every time. I know I have. That small thing of having their memory kits with the board makers while building a product ensures that their modules work with nearly any motherboard on the market.

  • How much RAM do I need? (Early 2013 edition)

    Start64!With people eyeing new Windows 8 and Mountain Lion powered computers, the question of how much RAM a modern system needs is hitting my inbox with increased frequency. Here is my definitive guide to how much RAM you need.

  • Transcend Announces New 32GB and 16GB DDR3 Registered Memory Modules

    Start64!Transcend Information, Inc. (Transcend®), a worldwide leader in storage and multimedia products, today launched two new DDR3 memory modules: a 32GB DDR3 1333MHz Registered DIMM (RDIMM) and a 16GB DDR3 1600MHz Very Low Profile (VLP) Registered DIMM. Featuring stable signal integrity at high frequency operation and an onboard thermal sensor for better system thermal control, these high capacity RDIMMs provide better expandability options to server administrators. Additionally, both new modules feature high quality aluminum heat spreaders to ensure optimal heat dispersion and stability.

  • Corsair Dominator Platinum 2666MHz 16GB DDR3 Memory Review

    Start64!With so many product categories now in their catalogue it is sometimes easy to forget that Corsair's core business was once memory products. From those early products they have expanded to release some excellent cases, PSUs, peripherals and coolers... many of which were so good we regularly re-use them in our reviews.

  • Lamark Speed Test 64bit version

    Start64!Lamark is an updated remake of the popular 80s and 90s benchmarking tool Landmark Speed Test by Landmark Research International Corporation.  Lamark Speed Test, requires no installation, no DLL nor component registration, no external dependencies, no purchasing, and its reduced size, makes possible to fit the complete package even in an old-fashioned floppy disk. This makes Lamark the perfect choice for quick and reliable choice while comparing PC performances.

  • Patriot Intel Extreme Masters Limited Edition 16GB DDR3-1866MHz Memory Kit

    Start64!There has been a love affair with the word “extreme” over the last few years. I really noticed the increase when “extreme” sports became popular, though it may well have happened prior without my noticing. Of course, using “sport” as a description of some of the activities is stretching it, also. Personally, I don’t consider tumbling down a hill and breaking limbs a “sport” so much as a moment of terribly unfortunate judgment.

  • Mushkin 997070 16GB & 994071 32GB Redline Memory Review

    Start64!Memory capacities keep rising it seems with each new platform that comes out. Along with the increase in capacities comes an increase in speed that drives latency down and responsiveness higher. Intel's X79 platform has the ability to utilize up to 64GB of system memory in a quad channel configuration while the Z77 platform is still limited to dual channel configurations with four DIMM slots rather than the eight available on most X79 boards.

  • PC Games Will Soon Require 64-Bit Windows

    Start64!It’s been one of those days for PC gamers. You know the ones, where the gaming world turns and politely says “Fuck you” in your face. Earlier today we reported on how PC gamers playing Diablo III have nearly no defense against hackers who want to steal their account, and now this. EA has started rolling this potentially dangerous ball, by saying that as of next year most of their titles for PC will require 64-bit Windows.

  • What's new in Linux 3.4

    Start64!The new version sees a number of important changes affecting graphics drivers. The x32-ABI promises the advantages of x86-64-CPUs without the overhead of 64-bit code. Btrfs is reported to be quicker, and Yama prevents processes from accessing each other's allocated memory.

  • Weekend Poll: Are you running 32- or 64-bit Windows?

    Start64!It's that time of the week again, the glorious and much loved weekend, and that means that we have a weekend poll for everyone. This weekend we're asking whether you are running a 32-bit or 64-bit version of Windows as your main installation; despite the benefits of 64-bit Windows such as increased RAM allowance and performance improvements for 64-bit-specific applications, we suspect that a number of people here still use the 32-bit version of Windows.

  • Breaking Platform Limitations

    Start64!Engineering has done a yeoman’s job of delivering an almost feature complete 64-bit compatible compiler and runtime platform - One of the innovative new features in the PowerBuilder 12.5.1 release is its ability to deploy PowerBuilder .NET code to run in 64-bit mode on 64-bit Windows platforms.

  • Memory Corruption Vulnerability Found in Skype 5.6.59.x

    Start64!Vulnerability Lab researchers identified a high risk memory corruption flaw that affects the 5.6.59.x versions of the popular messaging applications. By exploiting this flaw, an attacker could remotely crash a computer that’s running Windows 7 simply by sending a file from a Linux client.

  • DATA Intros 8GB DDR3-1600 Notebook and Desktop Memory Modules

    Start64!Introduced back in October last year, ADATA’s Premier memory series has just received the addition of a new set of 8GB memory modules, working at 1600MHz speeds, that are available in both DIMM and SO-DIMM form factors.  Compared to standard memory, these new Premier series modules are built only with DRAM chips that go through an extensive burn-in process designed to eliminate the parts that have a tendency to fail.

  • Corsair Rolls Out 16GB DDR3 RAM Upgrades for Macs

    Start64!Corsair, one of the world’s most prominent providers of RAM memory modules for desktop and notebook computers, has announced 8GB and 16GB DDR3 memory upgrade kits for Apple iMacs, MacBook Pros and Mac mini systems.

  • G.Skill Outs 64GB DDR3 2400MHz Quad-Channel Memory Kit for LGA 2011 CPUs

    Start64!G.Skill’s famous Ripjaws Z series of memory solutions has just received another member, a 64GB kit that is capable of reaching DDR3 2400MHz speeds in quad-channel mode when used together with Intel’s LGA 2011 processors based on the Sandy Bridge-E architecture.

  • Firefox Source Code Is So Big, It Hit the 32-Bit Virtual Address Space Limit

    Start64!Mozilla, or rather the Firefox team, is facing a somewhat unusual problem that is holding up development in some cases. Firefox can't reliably be compiled because the linker runs out of virtual address space. The problem stems from the fact that Firefox is built on 32-bit machines which can only access a limited amount of memory even with larger amounts of physical memory.

  • GeIL EVO CORSA PC3-19200 16GB Kit Review

    Start64!GeIL, now that's a name we haven't heard in a while. The release of the X79 chipset, though, has brought with it an introduction to many companies we've dealt with in the past, but not so much recently. Talking to GeIL, we wondered what kind of kit we should be checking out today. I was all for some nice high speed Quad Channel memory and it didn't take long for my prayers to be answered with the EVO CORSA PC3-19200 kit we've got on our hands today.

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