Microsoft Windows 8 Release Preview Build 8400 - Preview

2012-Jul-17 | Tags: win8-64bitwindows8

Start64!The ActiveWin Team continues its journey evaluating the next release of Windows, officially Windows 8. For the past couple months we have spent some quality time with this new update to the next version of Windows currently under development. With the release of the Windows 8 Release Preview, Microsoft is in the home stretch and is expected to have a final release ready by the end of July with general availability this holiday 2012.

I am going to be honest, I was less than impressed with the Consumer Preview, I was pretty much jaded by it. All except one of my home systems had it installed only in a VM. The one that had it installed on a physical hardware was on a partition. Windows 8 Consumer Preview to me did not evoke the polish of a Windows 7 beta released in January 2009 and so I was expecting a lot more stability. I am hoping the Release Preview will change that perception. So read on as we find out more about if this critical release will generate the enthusiasm that will guarantee a successful reception later this year.

We discussed the new branding of pre-release code Microsoft has been using since the introduction of the Windows 8 Developer Preview back in September 2011. The Release Preview is Microsoft’s new name for what is a Release Candidate. It signifies that the code is at a stage where it could potentially be the final product.