Start64!As far as servers go, you don't think much of them. They generally just sit in the background and do what they are supposed to. One usually doesn't think of flashy GUI interfaces when it comes to servers either. They generally are fairly straight forward and basic and in the case of Windows, haven't change a whole lot in the past several years, until now with Windows Server 8 and its Metro interface, which most likely will be largely ignored however, at least initially.

The Metro Tile interface has replaced the Start Button and Menu, just like in the Windows 8 Consumer Preview. Microsoft is calling it the Metro-style interface. There are tiles present that manage the functionality of the server. You can even add more admin tiles by enabling them and subsequently you have the usual tools you are used to.

There is not a definite release date for Server 8, but a likely time frame will be just around or after the release of Windows 8 later this year. Windows Server 8 only comes in x64. Its the first server to only to support x64 systems from release date.