Start64!Struggling with slow speeds downloading the Windows 8 Consumer Preview? You're not alone. But here's one tip: why not consider heading the route of peer-to-peer networking and grab a torrent of the 64-bit ISO?

Wait a second, you may ask. Aren't torrents usually coming from unverified, illegitimate sources? Well, if it were almost every copy of Microsoft pre-release software, that would be true.

However, consider that torrents can include web-based seeds. And so, if you can include an official link to the file in question, one can be reasonably sure the file they're getting is the real thing - and they still have torrent peers for an extra boost of speed.

For this particular torrent, one of the web seeds is indeed the link to the 64-bit Windows 8 Consumer Preview ISO. The IP address at the top,, resolves to which happens to be the same server hosting the public Windows 8 downloads.