MBRWizard - 64bit support

2015-Jul-05 | Tags: bootusbvirtualizationwin10-64bitwin8-64bit

Start64!MBRWizard has long been a trusted solution to manage, protect, repair, and recover the Master Boot Record (MBR) on both PCs and Server class computers. The MBR contains the vital information required to boot your computer and maintains the data structure of the hard disk... how are you safeguarding your critical data from failure or corruption?

MBRWizard 3.0 is designed to protect these areas by backing up the critical disk sections before disaster strikes... and can help repair the most critical section in case of failure or corruption.

With recently upgraded native support for removable media, MBRWizard has also become a popular utility for creating bootable Windows 7 USB flash drives. Additionally, MBRWizard is also frequently utilized to repair problems caused by virus strikes, or disk-level imaging with products such as Symantec Ghost or Acronis Backup & Recovery. Last but not least, MBRWizard provides functionality to help solve most issues caused by experimenting with Linux or dual boot scenarios.

MBRWizard 64bit version

General Enhancements to the new MBRWizard 3.0 engine

  • Initial support for GPT (GUID Partition Table)
  • Removable Media Support (USB Flash Disks)
  • VMWare Disk (.vmdk) Support
  • Both internal disk support and display details have been increased to the PetaByte range
  • Support for Vista, Server 2008, and Windows 7

Specific improvements for version 3.0

In order to provide better support for the new disk types, we have restructured the command line parameters to afford this capability, and feel it provides more flexibility as we continue to add functionality. The following are the major changes to the CLI version:

  • Support for creating partitions has been added, including options to set the starting sector, size, sector aligment, and partition type
  • Initial support for GPT includes basic backup/recovery, and partition deletion
  • Added support for the VMware virtual disk format (.vmdk), including most operations supported on physical disks
  • Support for repairing a Windows 7 or Server 2008 MBR has been added
  • Explicit support for Removable media (USB Flash Drives, etc) has been added
  • Both internal and display sizes have been increased to the Petabyte range
  • Enhanced disk information, with detailed information for each disk.
  • In addition to partition number, partitions can now be selected by volume label, drive letter, or by type (boot, system, utility, diag

MBRWizard 64bit version