Start64!New version! - Designed to increase the speed and reliability of home or home office PCs. You will experience improved PC performance, faster boot-up times and increased speeds on everything from internet browsing to antivirus scans. Plus, it’s completely automatic. Just install and let it run. That’s it!

Diskeeper® 2011 Home edition data performance software eliminates fragmentation related slows, errors, freezes and crashes and restores your PC performance to optimum, better-than-new speeds. By curing and preventing up to 85% of fragmentation before it happens and instantly defragging the rest, your computer maintains peak speeds no matter how busy it is.

If you have a home or home office PC, just install Diskeeper 2011 Home and see for yourself how much faster your PC runs. Once installed, Diskeeper automatically boosts your computer's speed, extends the battery life of your laptop, speeds up the loading times for your computer, extends the longevity of your hard drive, reduces your energy consumption and much, much more. This is a simple, automatic fix to PC slows.

Diskeeper 64bit version

Performance Improvements You Will See:

  • Overall faster PC speeds
  • Peak PC performance at all times
  • Fastest boot up times
  • Fastest backup times
  • Fastest anti-virus scans
  • Fastest internet browsing speeds
  • Fastest application speeds
  • Fastest read & write times
  • Reduced PC slows, lags & crashes
  • Reduced I/O activity
  • Reduced file corruption and data loss
  • Increased system stability
  • Increased PC reliability
  • Increased hardware lifespan
  • Lower energy costs

 Diskeeper 64bit version
Diskeeper - 64bit software