ConfigFox 64-bit version

2015-Sep-30 | Tags: firefoxfreewareportablespeed

Start64!Firefox is well known for being the most configurable web browser nowadays. (Yay!) However, its advanced configurations are hidden in the about:config section, which is not user friendly and hard to mantain. There comes ConfigFox, an user friendly utility to manage Firefox advanced and hidden settings.

ConfigFox have a collection of Firefox advanced and hidden settings (thanks to Martin from for gathering them). Those settings are unchecked by default, they can be checked or modified accordingly to your needs. Only checked entries will get into effect in your profile.

ConfigFox 64-bit version

  • Quickly create and customize Firefox profiles.
  • Easily enable/disable settings with one click.
  • Quickly search Config entries.
  • Updates for new Config entries.
  • Backup, Defrag and Vacuum profiles for a faster performance.
  • Get profile statistics.
  • Search online for Config strings.

ConfigFox 64-bit version
ConfigFox - 64-bit software