Advanced Vista Optimizer 2009 64bit version

2010-Mar-17 | Tags: defragspeed

Start64!Windows Vista is the latest graphical user operating system from Microsoft for use on home & business computers and notebook. Its development was done primarily to improve the security aspect in Windows operating systems. Some of the significant improvements in this OS are updated graphical user interface and visual style named Windows Aero.

Networking, print, audio and display systems have been re-worked. File sharing and communication systems have also been improved. Dot NET Framework 3.0 gives an extra edge to the software developers. It has improved the working of home users as well as small to big business users.


 Advanced Vista Optimizer 2009 64bit version


Systweak Inc. has combined a host of utilities in Advanced Vista Optimizer 2009 to maintain your system in superfine health. The user interface has been given Windows Vista style. It provides summary of the system in use on its right. The button, Show Details, takes you to system information menu to provide the required details. The left portion displays the various option of the selected button.

It optimizes the overall performance of the system with special emphasis on File Fetching capability, Startup, Memory, Virtual Memory, CPU, Desktop, Windows and file system. It looks up hard disk, CD & DVD, Mouse, Keyboard as well as USB devices. It also checks and defrags registry and hard disk.


Advanced Vista Optimizer 2009 64bit version


The system has been made more secured by looking specifically into the areas of Windows update, firewall, defender and user account settings. The facilities of file shredder and encryption/decryption have also been utilized. The suspected programs can be selected exclusively to prevent their running. Privacy factor has been considered also. Duplicate, junk files can be securely removed. The programs not in use or required can be un-installed.


Advanced Vista Optimizer 2009 64bit version
Advanced Vista Optimizer 2009 - 64bit software

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