Lamark Speed Test 64bit version

2012-Aug-18 | Tags: benchmarkfreewarememoryportablespeed

Start64!Lamark is an updated remake of the popular 80s and 90s benchmarking tool Landmark Speed Test by Landmark Research International Corporation.  Lamark Speed Test, requires no installation, no DLL nor component registration, no external dependencies, no purchasing, and its reduced size, makes possible to fit the complete package even in an old-fashioned floppy disk. This makes Lamark the perfect choice for quick and reliable choice while comparing PC performances.

When launched, it starts performing a continuous series of speed tests, including CPU, FPU and Memory. Results are normalized acording to an Intel Pentium Dual Core T2330 at 1,60 GHz, with 2 GB of DDR2-667 memory, where CPU and FPU run at 3200 MHz (1600 MHz each core), and memory has a bandwith of 667 MHz.

Lamark Speed Test 64bit version

Under the Information pane it is displayed current computer information related to CPU/FPU and Memory. It includes number of cores/processors, CPU name and clock speed, total amount of installed memory, and processor stepping.

The rest of values shown, represent the processing power while dealing with CPU operations (integer calculations), FPU operations (floating point calculations), Memory (memory write accesses), and Total results, representing averages of the three ones. Where applied, benchmarks are extrapolated to all system cores/processors in raw synthetic 32 bit execution.

Lamark Speed Test 64bit version
Lamark Speed Test - 64bit software