IntelBurnTest - 64bit support

2012-Jul-22 | Tags: stability

Start64!New version! - Linpack by Intel(R) is an extremely stressful program that will put even the most powerful X86/X64 CPU in the world at its knees. Load temp under Linpack will be up to 22*C higher than the competing software Prime95. This program will make usage of Linpack easier and more practical.

Keep in mind, use this program at your own risk. By using this program, you agree that neither I nor Intel shall be responsible for including, but not limited to: burned up CPU, fried motherboard, spontaneous room temperature increase, hair loss, or mental stress.

IntelBurnTest under x64

Benefits of using Linpack:

  1. More accurate than Prime95 Small FFTs/Blend.
  2. Takes less time to tell if your CPU/RAM is unstable than Prime95 (usually  something like 8 minutes Linpack vs 40 hours under Prime95).
  3. Use the same stress-testing engine that Intel uses to test their products before they are packed and put on shelves for sale.

IntelBurnTest under x64

Benefits of using IntelBurnTest:

  1. Simplifies usage of Linpack.
  2. Direct output of results to the screen.
  3. Simplifies the process of selecting a test size to use.
  4. Better appearance.

IntelBurnTest under x64