USBSpy 64bit version

2012-Jul-24 | Tags: sysinfousb

Start64!New version! - USBSpy lets you capture, display, record and analyze data that's transferred between any USB device connected to PC and applications. This makes it a great tool for debugging software, working on device driver or hardware development and provides a powerful platform for effective coding, testing and optimization.

One of the irresistible features of USBSpy is its capability to monitor USB device's activity without creating additional filters, devices, etc, which might damage the driver structure in the system: you get absolutely transparent monitoring without any garbage preventing clear view.

USBSpy x64 version

We offer a traffic monitor USBSpy. Designed for professional use, it lets you dig into packet traffic and analyze it in depth. Its use of time stamps, filters and triggering options provides for easier access to the core of the talk. USBSpy makes a powerful platform for testing and optimizing the communications between USB devices and the host system. You have the ability to drill into the data, to get detailed information about the traffic and the protocol itself. USBSpy provides you with advanced features necessary to ease the development and testing of USB devices. The summary of each transaction is supported with its binary code and other details. The monitoring software enhances your comprehension of what goes on at the bus.

USBSpy x64 version
USBSpy - 64bit software