Start64!The DialOut/EZ Redirector lets your applications use modems provided by modem servers on your network.  This redirector does this by creating one or more virtual COM ports that make these networked modems appear to be connected to the local computer, even though they are physically located on servers.

This means that your modem applications can begin using networked modems quickly, easily, and without software changes.  Since the redirector's virtual COM ports work like standard Windows COM ports, your application software sees no difference between a local modem and one provided by a modem server.

Many brands and models of modem servers are compatible with the DialOut/EZ Redirector due to its support of public TCP protocols that are widely supported by modem server manufacturers.


DialOut/EZ COM Port Redirector


The DialOut/EZ COM Port Redirector allows you to create virtual DialOut/EZ COM ports that provide access to modems on a server.

The redirector connects to the server when an application opens the COM port and disconnects from the server when the COM port is closed. One way to understand what the redirector does is to think of it as a "software cable" from the local computer across the local area network to modems on the server.


DialOut/EZ COM Port Redirector


The redirector uses TCP network connections to the server to gain access to its modems. Before using the redirector, place the modem server on your network and configure it to provide its devices on certain TCP port numbers.

As part of installing and configuring the DialOut/EZ Redirector, you use its control panel to configure each virtual COM port to a IP address and TCP port number that the redirector will use to connect to the server when that virtual COM port is opened. The DialOut/EZ Control Panel also contains global settings that apply to all DialOut/EZ COM ports.

The DialOut/EZ COM ports are available to software applications as conventional COM ports or through Windows modem devices, which are commonly used in modem applications.


DialOut/EZ COM Port Redirector


DialOut/EZ COM Port Redirector