Start64!dp4 Font Viewer for Windows - a small and installation free utility for showing all fonts of a given folder in OpenType and TrueType format without installation. High quality display of all fonts by use of our own render engine. Filtering by OpenType / TrueType parameters possible - font spacing type, family, weight and width classes.

Displays all Unicodes and key codes. Basic font management functions and print function for single fonts and the complete font list are available.

dp4 Font Viewer 64bit version


  • displays all fonts in any folder in OpenType ® (OTF), TrueType (TTF) or Collections (TTC) format
  • has its own render engine with 256 subpixel anti-alias
  • filters for font type / class / width / weight
  • choose between ASCII or glyph display, it is possible to enter your own text
  • shows unicodes and keys
  • simple management functions - install, delete, display font information
  • multi language executable - germnan and english
  • list sub folders
  • print function for single font and for complete font list
  • no installation required, very small program

dp4 Font Viewer 64bit version
dp4 Font Viewer - 64bit software