Shutdown Timer 64bit version

2011-Sep-02 | Tags: portable

Start64!New version! - Shutdown Timer is a utlity that will allow you to perform certain actions relating to shutting down the system. The user interface is easy to use and understand and you should be able to get to grips with it.

Ability to:

  • Shutdown
  • Restart
  • Logoff
  • Lock
  • Hibernate
  • Standy
  • Monitor Standby
  • Open a file
  • Open a Web Page
  • Based on Date & Time
  • CPU/Memory Utilisation
  • CPU Temperature
  • Networking Usage
  • Process Management
  • Ability to save your settings for future use
  • Completely Portable, You can take it on a USB if you want to!

Shutdown Timer 64bit version

Shutdown Timer 64bit version
Shutdown Timer - 64bit software