Start64!Installing several operating systems on one computer can be especially important during the phase of changeover. These systems often reside on different partitions of the same hard drive. After turning the computer on, a boot manager program is used to choose the operating system to be booted up. BootPart is in fact not a boot manager but helps to configure the existing boot manager. 

Windows NT, Windows 2000 and Windows XP operating systems are prepared for multibooting. The built-in boot manager reads the necessary information from the file c:\boot.ini. This file contains the names and corresponding partitions of the bootable operating systems in a special syntax. Advanced users may also modify it with a text editor, however, this is not recommended as the consequences of a possible false entry are hard to treat. BootPart is an easy-to-use command line utility to edit this configuration file. When run without any switches, it displays possible functionalities and corresponding syntaxes. BootPart is able to list bootable systems, to add new systems and to remove previously added systems. After editing, certain functions (e.g. waiting time) can be set from Windows as follows: Control Panel – System – Advanced – Startup and Recovery
The possibilities offered by the program are illustrated in this article.

BootPart 64bit version