Start64!Jar2Exe is a tool to convert jar files into exe files. The principium of this software is to start java virtual machine using JNI interface. Basing on this, we have provided more other advanced features.

Jar2Exe - 64bit version


Main features:

  1. Can generate "Console", "Windows GUI", "Windows Service" three types of exe files.
  2. Generated exe files can add program icons and version information.
  3. Generated exe files can encrypt and protect java programs, no temporary files will be generated when program runs.
  4. Generated exe files provide system tray icon support.
  5. Generated exe files provide record system event log support.
  6. Generated windows service exe files are able to install/uninstall itself, and support service pause/continue.
  7. New release of x64 version, can create 64 bits executives.
  8. Both wizard mode and command line mode supported.


Jar2Exe - 64bit version
Jar2Exe - 64bit software