DeskLook for Outlook 64bit version

2008-Dec-02 | Tags: outlook

Start64!DeskLook for Outlook connects directly with your Outlook, reads tasks and appointments you have in the calendar, counts unread messages in selected folders and shows everything on the interactive desktop accompanied with a calendar for three months: current, next and previous.

DeskLook for Outlook 64bit version

DeskLook for Outlook reads and displays data from Outlook according to settings you have for Outlook Today. So, to make adjustments simply open your Outlook, go to "Personal Folders – Outlook Today" and click Customize Outlook Today. There you have options to set how many days in the future you want to have displayed in the Calendar section, choose what kind of tasks to display and how you want them sorted and select folders to display in the Messages section.

DeskLook for Outlook 64bit version

Customizable Desktop Appearance

You can choose between two data views for the desktop, central data view and side bar view. Both views are available in three different color schemes known in the program's settings as blue, green and brown data styles. Note that the central data view has all components fixed depending on the chosen data style, while for the side bar view you can customize the size and components to show by yourself.

Interactive Desktop

Everything you see on the desktop is interactive so you can simply double click an appointment to get it opened in Outlook, or double click the contacts link to bring up Outlook Contacts, etc. One more way to interact with the program is by double clicking its icon on the taskbar when the central data view pops-up and allows you to click on its components and open those items in Outlook.

  • Get Outlook’s appointments, tasks and messages on your desktop. 
  • Enjoy full desktop interactivity with your data. 
  • Get a three months calendar displayed along with your data. 
  • Choose between central and side bar data views, both available in three different styles. 
  • Check today’s date on the program’s icon on the taskbar. 
  • Set the level of transparency to best fit with your desktop background. 
  • Use pop-up data option to get quick central data view. 
  • Install native 64-bit version for your 64-bit Windows.

 DeskLook for Outlook 64bit version
DeskLook for Outlook - 64bit software