Start64!New version! - Right Click Image Resizer/Toolset(RCR) is one of the most powerful and easy use batch visual image tool that can split, resize, watermark maker for multiply image files into JPEG files. It can be launched using the context menu in windows explorer and as standalone program as well.

It has very professional visual GUI with WYSIWYG editors. All popular image formats are supported such as JPEG, GIF, BMP, PNG, TIFF etc. The output JPEG quality and size are all adjustable. This tool is a must-have tool for the users who need to upload images for email, eBay selling, blog, web chatting, kindle book creation or storage saving. This program supports all Microsoft Windows including both 32bit and 64bit versions.

  • Easy installer with uninstaller
  • Support All Windows XP SP2 and later
  • Support All Windows 2003
  • Support All Windows Vista
  • Support All Windows 7 
  • Support All Windows 64bit XP/Vista/2003/7

Right Click Resizer 64bit version

  • Can be launched from context menu of Windows Explorer 
  • Can be launched from start menu
  • Support JPEG,BMP,PNG,GIF,TIFF as image formats
  • Automatically skip non-image files
  • Support to drag and drop files into file queue
  • Highly integrated image splitter, resizer, watermark maker
  • Each phrase can be turned on or off
  • Predefined Values with 16:9 ratio option
  • User defined output dimensions
  • Easy to fit for your screen solution option
  • Zoom mode in percentage
  • Rotate image in any degree
  • Have file size limitation
  • Three matching rules
  • Shrink Only option

Right Click Resizer 64bit version

  • Visual (WYSIWYG) designer with preview
  • Vertical splitting
  • Horizontal splitting
  • Split based on pixel unit
  • Split based on percentage unit
  • Multiple splitting alignments
  • Feed split output into resizer and watermark maker
  • Have reverse naming convention

Right Click Resizer 64bit version

  • Visual layout (WYSIWYG) designer with full preview
  • Support image watermark
  • Support text watermark
  • Support image and text mixed watermark
  • Define individual text font
  • Define individual text font size
  • Define individual text font color
  • Define individual text format
  • Insert multiple format images
  • Visual drag and fit inserted images
  • Support copy cut and paste shortcut keys
  • Define transparency
  • Rotate in any degree
  • Tile watermark
  • Tile watermark vertically
  • Tile watermark horizontally
  • Random location option for anti stealing to the best

Right Click Resizer 64bit version
Right Click Image Resizer - 64bit software