CFi ShellToys - 64bit support

2012-Dec-14 | Tags: commandlinesearchsynchronizationwin8-64bit

Start64!ShellToys is a set of over 50 tools and utilities that act as extensions to the Windows® shell (the Explorer application that provides your desktop, icons and folder windows, and Open/Save dialogs, among other things). After installation, a new ShellToys item appears on the context menu you see when you right-click a file or folder icon, or a blank space in the window. Simply move down to this item and select the action you want from the submenu.

  • copy paths to the clipboard
  • check and change file extensions
  • alter file dates & attributes
  • open command prompts
  • batch-rename files
  • find and replace text in multiple files
  • synchronize folder contents
  • jump instantly to favorite folders


CFi ShellToys x64 version
  • 50 new shell extensions in one unique package, plus 20 extra shell tools!
  • Customizable – you choose which extensions, tools and features you want to use
  • Don't like right-clicking? Assign hotkeys to your favorite tools for fast keyboard access
  • Context-sensitive help throughout – press F1 in any ShellToys window or dialog
  • Free lifetime updates and unlimited free support by email for registered users
  • ShellToys can be used in 64-bit (x64) and 32-bit versions of Windows


CFi ShellToys x64 version

Known Issues in 64-bit Windows Versions

  • The Media Info submenu may not include full details of video files in some versions of Windows.
  • If you enable the Drag-and-drop taskbar buttons feature, the option to "Allow taskbar buttons to be hidden" remains disabled. Windows x64 doesn't hide taskbar buttons correctly, so we disable this option to prevent confusion.
  • When extracting the contents of archives using Archive Contents or Drag-and-drop archive extraction, the progress dialog may not appear, or may appear only briefly.
  • The Dialogs+ feature applies only to Open/Save dialogs presented by 64-bit applications. To enable the same feature in 32-bit applications' dialogs, check the box beside Enable Dialogs+ in 32-bit applications. A utility named "shldlgs.exe" will run in the background to provide this feature.
  • Dialogs+ cannot be used in Windows 7 64-bit.
  • The ShellToys menu will not appear when right-clicking items on the Start menu.
  • The Shortcut Target tool does not appear on the ShellToys menu. However, if you set up a hotkey for Shortcut Target, it can still be accessed via the keyboard when a shortcut (*.LNK file) is selected.


CFi ShellToys x64 version
CFiShell64.dll - 64bit dll