InspectExe - 64-bit support

2014-Aug-22 | Tags: admindebuggingfreeware

Start64!New version! - InspectExe lets you explore and diagnose problems with Win32 applications. It is integrated directly into the Windows® Explorer and adds as a set of extra pages in the Properties sheet for the selected executable file. Look at the screen shots at the bottom of this page to see examples of the information it displays.

  • Display all import and export functions of an executable file (.EXE, .OCX or .DLL). Additional file extensions an be selected on installation.
  • Shows function definition for decorated (mangled) function names.
  • Show all the Windows PE sections contained in an executable file.
  • Shows executable manifests and CLR headers.
  • Display extended version information not shown on Version Properties tab.
  • Display exported symbols from library files (.LIB).
  • Works for 64bit and 32bit executable files.
  • List all the resources contained in the executable and display all resource strings.
  • Check whether the module can be loaded without executing it. This will verify that all dependent DLLs are available.
  • Compare executables and using computed checksum spots differences between different versions of files.
  • Runs on Windows® 95, 98, Me, NT4, 2000, XP, Vista and 7.
  • Freeware !
  • An enhanced version of this utility is available for purchase. This allows dialogs, bitmap, icon, cursor and accelerator resources to be previewed from within Explorer, and to copy bitmap, icons and cursors to the clipboard. Follow this link for more information.