O&O SafeErase 64-bit version

2015-Dec-03 | Tags: oowin10-64bitwin8-64bitwiping

Start64!There are many reasons for SafeErasing data. It becomes very important to remove data completely, for example, if you want to sell your old computer, or give away a hard drive or memory card. You also need to be careful when you want to get rid of your spent company computer or return it to the leasing company.

Formatting the volumes is not enough to SafeErase data. Data spies will have a feast while restoring your personal data, e.g. pictures, Emails or your financial data.

O&O SafeErase is the solution to SafeErase sensitive data and therefore offers valuable data protection. O&O SafeErase does not simply erase files, but it destroys them using recognized and recommended methods. You can make sure that your private or business data will not be seen by anybody unauthorized.

O&O SafeErase 64bit version

The deletion processes employed by O&O SafeErase you can choose from various algorithms to delete files. Methods are offered, which are recommended and used by the US Department of Defense (DoD) and the German Federal Office of Information Security (BSI). In other words, the highest standard in security.

Hackers nor data spies stand a chance to restore your data once it has been deleted with O&O SafeErase. After using O&O SafeErase on your computer it can be easily sold, given away, or recycled and feel safe about the fact that no data will be reconstructed or accessed.

O&O SafeErase 64bit version