Geo Firewall 64-bit version

2016-Aug-06 | Tags: firewallwin10-64bitwin8-64bit

Start64!Very few people realize that a large number of security threats come from the limited number of countries that allow such threats to develop and to grow until reaching dangerous levels. Quite often, Internet users are totally unaware of country location of the servers they are reaching, and of course, there is no way for them to know where each web link takes them after clicking.

Many countries that have web servers on the Internet have weak or even absent enforcement of computer security. That leads to web servers being frequently compromised and infected with various malware and, as a consequence, spreading that malware to everybody who visits them. It would really help just to block the geographical territories you don't trust and your computer would become invisible to any system from those territories.

Geo Firewall 64-bit version

Up until recently, the geographical blocking was only available to large companies with sophisticated and expensive hardware firewalls. Now, Geo Firewall allows you to have it on your desktop computer, a laptop, or even on a home server. Once you set the geographical blocking rules, you'll be protected from even accidentally reaching the territories that you selected to block. Moreover, Geo Firewall is compatible with other security software you may have. The more levels of defense you have, the harder it is to penetrate. Geo Firewall is a lightweight defense system that allows to separate the countries that you trust from those that you don't, thus bolster your Internet security with this powerful technology.

Geo Firewall 64-bit version
Geo Firewall - 64-bit software

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