APK Hosts File Engine 10++ SR-1 32/64-bit

2018-Jan-01 | Tags: antispywareantivirusfirewallfreewarenetworkportable

Start64!An automatic hosts file import, deduplicate/normalize, & sorter for custom hosts file generation + a hosts management system (that's a self-contained single multithreaded executable file created in Borland Delphi XE4 32-bit &/or 64-bit code) that runs on Windows 2000/XP/Server 2003/VISTA/Windows 7/Server 2008 (possibly beyond):

APK Hosts File Engine 64bit version


Custom hosts files gain me the following list of benefits (summary of where custom hosts files are extremely useful):

  1. Protect you vs. known malicious sites/servers (beyond malicious adbanners: See 2-6 next)
  2. Protect you vs. fastflux botnets + stop communications back to their C&C servers
  3. Protect you vs. dynamic dns botnets + stop communications back to their C&C servers
  4. Protect you vs. DGA/domain generation algorithm botnets + stop communications back to their C&C servers
  5. Protect you vs. downed DNS servers (adds reliability)
  6. Protect you vs. DNS redirect poisoned dns servers
  7. Get you past a dns block list you may not agree with
  8. Added "anonymity": Keeping you off dns request logs
  9. Block trackers (both ads and dns request logs)
  10. Block spam mail malicious payload link sources
  11. Block phishing mail malicious payload link sources
  12. Speed you up for websurfing by adblocking & also hardcoding favorite sites
  13. Truly UNIVERSAL PROTECTION for ANY webbound program (e.g. - stand-alone email programs & since any OS, even on smartphones, has a BSD drived IP stack).
  14. More screen "real estate" (no more ads appear onscreen eating up CPU, Memory, & other forms of I/O too - bonus!).
  15. Custom hosts files work on ANY & ALL webbound apps (browser plugins do not).
  16. Custom hosts files offer a better, faster, more efficient way, & safer way to surf the web
  17. Hosts files do all of those things above & block ads (better than addons) more efficiently in cpu cycles + memory usage https://blog.mozilla.org/nnethercote/2014/05/14/adblock-pluss-effect-on-firefoxs-memory-usage/
  18. Hosts give you direct easy texteditor controlled data for all of the above
  19. Faster & MORE EFFICIENT operation vs. browser plugins (which "layer on" ontop of slower Ring 3/RPL 3/usermode browsers increasing messagepassing overheads slowing them more & they're written in slower INTERPRETED languages (e.g. AdBlock = python/perl/javascript)- Whereas by way of comparison, the hosts file operates @ the Ring 0/RPL 0/Kernelmode of operation (far faster) as a filter for the IP stack itself, written in C & Assembly language (run directly @ Operating System startup w/ the IP stack, making browser/usermode advertiser owned 'solutions' like Ghostery + AdBlock, advertisers crippled http://techcrunch.com/2013/07/06/google-and-others-reportedly-pay-adblock-plus-to-show-you-ads-anyway/ and ABP too  http://finance.yahoo.com/news/google-microsoft-amazon-paying-adblock-115744964.html AND redundant)).
    INSTALL - Extract its self-extracting installer from the zipfile 1st. Then run the self extractor, extracting its files to ANY folder you like (usually one you create for it, doesn't matter where, but you MUST run it as administrator for FULL functionality (simple & the "read me" tab shows how easy THAT is to do via rightclick shortcut properties "advanced" section)). Then make the admin rights ready shortcut to either the 32-bit model or the 64-bit model and run it.

APK Hosts File Engine 64bit version
APK Hosts File Engine - 64bit software