DEKSI USB Security 64bit support

2013-Jul-05 | Tags: usb

Start64!DEKSI USB Security secures your network or personal computer from unauthorized connection to USB devices. It absolutely blocks the possibility of connecting and using USB devices which are not on the list of allowed devices (allowing you to cut off possible information leaks) and protects against viral infection through flash drives. The possibility of using such USB standard devices as printers, scanners, mice, and keyboards is preserved.

With DEKSI USB Security you can conveniently monitor compliance with corporate security policy concerning the use of USB devices and portable storage devices. DEKSI USB Security is installed and managed centrally. With DEKSI USB Security, you can manage the security policy for the entire network from a single computer.

DEKSI USB Security under 64bit

DEKSI USB Security will not interfere with normal user activity. The program operates in the background, unnoticed by the user. DEKSI USB Security stores information about every attempt to use authorized and unauthorized USB devices, providing a transparent audit of network security.

If necessary, DEKSI USB Security allows for the temporary authorization and connection of USB devices upon entry of a password, allowing the use of some USB devices by authorized users.

DEKSI USB Security under 64bit

DEKSI USB Security under 64bit