BCWipe - 64bit support

2017-Nov-14 | Tags: win10-64bitwin8-64bitwiping

Start64!When you delete files from your computer, the operating system does not erase the contents of these files from the disk - only the 'references' to these files are removed from filesystem tables. Sensitive data that you intended to erase remains intact on your hard drive and could easily be restored with a widely available undelete tool.

Wiping is a term used to describe the process of shredding contents of a file or disk space. When files are properly wiped, data is erased beyond recovery. BCWipe software from Jetico gives you peace of mind – thanks to the confidence that your deleted files are permanently erased and cannot be recovered. You can run wiping commands from Windows Explorer, from BCWipe Task Manager or from a command-line prompt. With BCWipe’s new Transparent Wiping feature, all wiping operations can now be set to run automatically.


BCWipe under 64bit


Jetico is introducing a higher level of protecting deleted information from unauthorized recovery – BCWipe’s Transparent Wiping. When Transparent Wiping is activated on your computer, BCWipe will automatically wipe all contents of any file or folder that is deleted. So, you no longer need to worry about securely erasing all traces of every single sensitive file you’ve been working on – BCWipe’s Transparent Wiping will always be there to take care of it!


BCWipe under 64bit


BCWipe features Enforcer for centralized control of data wiping. IT administrators can now surgically remove all traces of selected data on any drive in their network. BCWipe Enforcer is compatible with systems management software, such as Microsoft SMS and LANDesk, allowing enterprises to remotely install BCWipe across all workstations and centrally manage data wiping policies. With Enforcer, an administrator can run BCWipe as a system service in Windows to perform wiping tasks remotely without end-user intervention.


BCWipe under 64bit


BCWipe under 64bit

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