Comodo BOClean - Anti-Malware 64bit version

2013-Sep-24 | Tags: antispywarecomodofreewarerootkitwin8-64bit

Start64!Internet trojan horse programs, spyware, keyloggers, rootkits, pseudorootkits, hijackers, adware, annoyware, email relays, spam proxies, spam relays, scam downloads and email/spam robots ("bots") are perhaps the greatest security threat to individuals and institutional networks in existence.

By installing malware (short for MALicious softWARE) on a machine, computer crackers can go anywhere, see and do anything they want with your computer, including banking records and your most intimate and personal documents.

Comodo BOClean - under x64 

In addition to wreaking havoc with your machine and pillaging your personal property, some malware, specifically trojan horse servers, can even record your personal conversations if you have a microphone connected to your computer. Malware can invade your system without you ever knowing it and are designed to elude firewalls by using ports which are not blocked by network "firewall" security software or proxy servers. Many of them disable the most frequently used antivirus and software firewalls 

 Comodo BOClean - under x64  

BOClean Features

  • Destroys malware and removes registry entries
  • Does not require a reboot to remove all traces
  • Disconnects the threat without disconnecting you
  • Generates optional report and safe copy of evidence
  • Automatically sweeps and detects INSTANTLY in the background
  • Configurable "Stealth mode" completely hides BOClean from users
  • Update automatically from a network file share
  • Protects itself from malware tampering or shutdown
  • FREE daily malware database updates from our web site
  • Update file can be shared/pushed on a server for easy maintenance
  • Optional rollback of update to an earlier version
  • Full spectrum malware coverage and protection


Comodo BOClean - under x64