Regbak 64bit version - Backup Windows Registry

2012-Oct-17 | Tags: adminbackupfreewareportable

Start64!The Registry, the central hierarchical database used in the Microsoft Windows, is used to store information necessary to configure the PC for one or more users, applications and hardware devices. The Registry contains information that Windows continually references during operations such as setting profiles for each user, details about the applications installed on your computer and the types of documents that an application can create, what all hardware exists in the system, the ports that are being used, etc.

So, it's quite logical to take periodic backups of Registry so that, if needed, you can restore a good and working Registry if it gets corrupted. 'Regbak' helps you with this. Using this 'light-weight' and extremely simple utility, you can create backups of Registry files to a location of your choice and restore these files at a later date.

Regbak 64bit version

Regbak 64bit version
Regbak - 64bit software

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