TimeComX Basic 64bit version

2013-Feb-08 | Tags: freewareportablewin8-64bit

Start64!New version! - Our award winning automation application enables you to plan fast and easy various tasks. Events like processor and network usage, process activity or the end of a defined countdown can shutdown your computer, execute other programs or play audio files.

You are looking for an automation tool, which is easy to operate, resource friendly but also powerful? TimeComX will help you out. It can perform various tasks after specified time, process activity or by a lower deviation of processor/network usage and input device activity.

TimeComX Basic 64bit version

Most important tasks at a glance:

  • Restart, Shutdown
  • Log Off, Lock Computer
  • Hibernation, Sleep mode
  • Turn off the monitor
  • Wake up & play alarms sounds
  • Play any type of audio file (wav,mp3,wma..)
  • Open files (e.g. batch files) or websites
  • Create screen shots before starting a task

This software has been designed to be portable. So you can run TimeComX e.g. on a flash device. TimeComX is distributed as freeware and does not contain any adware or spyware.

TimeComX Basic 64bit version
TimeComX - 64bit software

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