AlacrityPC 64bit version

2012-Dec-24 | Tags: freewarespeed

Start64!AlacrityPC is a utility designed to help you get the most performance out of your computer when running resource intensive applications, like modern games.  It does this by shutting down unnecessary services and programs before starting your application.  When you finish your application, those services and programs can be automatically restarted.

AlacrityPC - x64 version

AlacrityPC also provides some additional optimizations, like memory defragmenting, removing your desktop background, shutting down the desktop shell and Vista Sidebar, and forcing background tasks to execute. AlacrityPC is the sequel to FSAutoStart.  It is written in C# .NET 2.0.

AlacrityPC uses the concept of profiles.  A profile consists of the service and programs you have selected to be shutdown (and/or restarted), any additional optimizations you want to run, and the application(s) that you want to run after you have optimized your system.

AlacrityPC - x64 version

A profile can be of two types:

  • Top level:   A top level profile can run as is or be used as a parent profile to other profiles.  It cannot inherit from other profiles.  If it is a parent, any settings take precedence over the child profile.  Top level profiles are useful when you have a number of applications you need to support and want to make changes that are global to all the applications.  For example, you can turn on defrag memory in the parent profile, and all child profiles will inherit this setting.
  • Inherited:  An inherited profile inherits any settings from its parent profile.  The user can then add more services or programs to shutdown, enable different optimizations, and specify different programs to launch.  An inherited profile cannot be a parent to another profile.

AlacrityPC - x64 version
AlacrityPC - 64bit software

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