PdfGrabber 64-bit version

2015-May-12 | Tags: accessexcelpdfwin8-64bitword

Start64!PdfGrabber makes it possible to export contents from PDF documents into different formats, e.g. for PDF to Excel, PDF to RTF or PDF to Word. Thus PdfGrabber allows for editing and further processing of PDF contents in other applications, e.g. Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel or Access, without installing Adobe Acrobat.

PdfGrabber is remarkable because of its efficient export profile management and automatic monitoring of any number of input directories.

PdfGrabber is interesting for those who do a lot of work with PDF documents and would prefer to or have to edit the document contents.

PdfGrabber 64bit version

Depending on requirements, PdfGrabber offers different export profiles and options. For example, the user can select options for layout that is very close to the original or export texts as pure flow text for subsequent customized processing.

In addition to texts and images, PdfGrabber can be used to export tables and lists into common formats e.g. Excel or CSV. Thus PdfGrabber is also suitable for processing price lists, flight plans and travel dates, parts lists, etc.

PdfGrabber 64bit version

What can PdfGrabber do?

  • Export PDF contents into various formats (e.g. Pdf2Rtf, Pdf2Exel, Pdf2Txt...)
  • Extensive export profile administration
  • Indicate an arbitrary number of source documents
  • Selectable output directory
  • Program call via command line parameters (network version)
  • Monitored folders with definition of the export profiles to be used
  • Transfer of hyperlinks and bookmarks
  • Drag'n'drop support
  • Page ranges (all, from-to, individual pages)
  • Content restriction (beginning or end of page, beginning or end of document)
  • Selection of the elements which are to be exported:
  • Text, form fields, links, annotations, images, digital signatures, tables of content/PageTree, thumbnails, hyperlinks, metadata (partially in preparation)
  • Extensive user help function
  • Multilingual prompting (German, English)

PdfGrabber 64bit version