Start64!New version! - Zeon’s flagship title DocuCom® PDF Gold® combines the creation (PDF Driver) and editing (PDF Plus) of PDF files into one package. PDF Gold can satisfy virtually all the demands of handling PDF documents, such as creating, assembling, commenting, editing, securing, signing/certifying, publishing/e-mail, searching, and indexing. DocuCom’s latest release - PDF Gold 9 - brings even more new functions with better compatibility, delivering to consumers the best price-performance on the PDF market.

DocuCom PDF Gold - 64bit version

  • Create PDFs
    PDF Gold comes equipped with Zeon's own PDF Driver, a powerful and efficient PDF converter. Virtually all Windows documents supporting the print function are eligible for conversion with a few simple clicks. Or, use Driver's convenient PDF Direct! application to queue files for conversion and set properties such as File Compression, Security, and Watermarks.
  • Edit PDFs
    After your PDF document is created, utilize PDF Plus' extensive editing options to make adjustments and enhancements. Add, delete, or modify pages. Create navigation tools such as bookmarks, thumbnails, and hyperlinks. Unlimited Undo/Redo helps minimize mistakes.
  • Comment and Review
    A multitude of annotation tools lets you review and mark up documents, including Notes, Text Boxes, Stamps, and Highlights. Or, use the Drawing Tools (Line, Pencil, Oval, etc.) to create your own style. You can even record an audio comment or attach files.
  • Search and Index PDFs
    The Search tool helps locate pertinent information across PDF files hundreds of pages long or over a gigabyte in size. Search individual or multiple phrases in a single document or an entire folder with created indexes to expedite the process.
  • Forms
    After designing a form with static text and graphics in a word processing program, convert it to PDF and add dynamic fields with PDF Plus. Choose from a variety of form tools, such as Button, Checkbox, Text Field, List, and more to create an interactive, computer-ready form.
  • Secure PDFs
    One of the primary benefits of the PDF format is document security, and PDF Gold offers many options to ensure content protection. Set passwords for access permission and control each user's modification privileges. PDF Gold offers both 40bits and 128bits encryption to secure your documents.

DocuCom PDF Gold - 64bit version

DocuCom PDF Gold - 64bit version