ParserCap 64-bit version

2014-Jan-08 | Tags: adminfreewaremonitornetworkportable

Start64!Parser CAP is intended to help you view and analyze the transmitted packages within your network, recorded and saved as PCAP files. The application can process files created by WinPcap, a Windows-compatible port of the libpcap library which can be used for capturing packets that are transferred within the network and save them to a file, for later use.

Parser CAP is one of the utilities that aims to help you open such files and read their contents within a organized interface. The application opens a single CAP file at a time, displaying a complete list of all the sets of transmitted packages, alongside detailed information about them, such as the MAC and the IP addresses, the vendor, the number of packets, as well as details concerning the TCP and the UDP data, the transfer begin / end date and time. Aside from allowing you to view the contents of a CAP file, this application comes with some additional tools that you can use in your analysis.

ParserCap 64-bit version

ParserCap 64-bit version
ParserCap - 64-bit software

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