VOSI.biz File Explorer 64bit version

2010-Apr-19 | Tags: remoteserversynchronization

Start64!VOSI.biz File Explorer is the client software for accessing and managing your files on VOSI.biz Remote File Server. It makes your remote file server as easy as your local file server.

It has many powerful features that are not available to your local file server, including secure access files from anywhere; share folders with customers / colleagues & set different access rights; automatic folder synchronization among multiple users and PCs; file encryption, etc. With VOSI.biz File Explorer, your virtual office, remote sharing and collaboration become a snap.

VOSI.biz File Explorer 64bit version

VOSI.biz File Explorer seamlessly integrates VOSI.biz's remote file system with the local file system, allowing users to manage both local files and remote files through the familiar Windows Explorer user interface. It also provides a rich set of functionalities in file-transferring, including

  • Resume transfer from the point of interruption
  • Compressed transfer
  • Secure transfer through SSL
  • Transfer progress monitoring
  • Advanced File caching
  • Drag-n-drop to transfer files/folders between local PC and remote file server

VOSI.biz File Explorer 64bit version

VOSI.biz File Explorer 64bit version
VOSI.biz File Explorer - 64bit software

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