Explosive Drive 64-bit version

2015-Apr-18 | Tags: freewaregamewin8-64bit

Start64!If you're looking for a more explosive driving experience, you've come to the right place! Explosive Drive explores the roots of what made old-school stunt racing simulators of the 90's so fun. No longer are you limited to flat surfaces.

This game's goal is to put you in only the craziest driving scenarios finding more thrills than your typical racing game. Each track is filled with shortcuts that prove to be dangerous, but may just put you ahead in the next race. As you cruise at speeds in excess of 200 MPH, you may notice blips in your radar hinting at your next strategy whether it be to gain more time, to reach a higher speed, to literally destroy your opponent, or to just pull off an even crazier stunt. The levels are filled with opportunities. This game currently runs on a 64 bit Windows XP - 8 machine. It supports up to 8 players LAN and online and we are currently working on a 4 player splitscreen mode.

Explosive Drive 64-bit version

Explosive Drive 64-bit version
Explosive Drive - 64-bit software

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