ANKHOR FlowSheet 64bit version

2014-Jan-13 | Tags: 3ddatabasefreeware

Start64!ANKHOR is a revolutionary platform for interactive exploration, evaluation and visualization of data. ANKHOR FlowSheet enables a flexible and easy way to analyze large amounts of data originating from different sources.

  • Efficient graphical construction of analytic workflows, services and solutions
  • In-Memory Operation for fastest possible processing
  • Extensive libraries for quickly building profitable business applications
  • Uniform design principle for:
    Data Import – Filtering and Consolidation – Analytic Processing – Simulation and Prediction - Visualization – Report Generation

ANKHOR FlowSheet 64bit version

ANKHOR is used in all company divisions. No matter if you require meaningful visualizations of correlations in your data in financial, sales, web analysis or engineering areas - ANKHOR will quickly lead you to the target.

The graphical construction method is based on the principle of dataflow graphs and facilitates the quick and flexible adaptation of analyses supporting the business user’s creativity.

ANKHOR FlowSheet 64bit version
ANKHOR FlowSheet - 64bit software