Start64!The creation and sending of newsletters to many recipients was and is no problem, but this emails have a big disadvantage: They are impersonally and can't be customized with special data of the recipient. SuperMailer changes this!

In this email marketing software you can create your serial mails like in a word processor. The software enables you to create emails as HTML or plaintext. The HTML part can be created in a integrated WYSIWYG editor. Insert placeholders into your message to let SuperMailer replace this with recipient specific data while email sending process. You can also send attachments and personalized attachments.


SuperMailer 64bit version


With tracking function (opening statistic, counting clicks on hyperlinks in you email), you can measure the success of you mailing campaign. Operating system: Windows XP/Vista/7, Windows Server 2003 and newer (32bit/64bit)


SuperMailer 64bit version


  • manages your data like recipients, email text and attachments in projects.
  • lets you create newsletters in HTML or plaintext format.
  • can save all kind of information about recipients you want (field definition variably). That's make SuperMailer to the right choice for you.
  • enables you to send email messages to thousands of recipients (time needed for this action depends on size of the email and the speed of your upload link). SuperMailer also supports IDN names.
  • can upload images and embedded data to you web space / server via FTP or HTTP automatically to provide smaller emails.
  • lets you filter failed transmissions so that you can send it again.
  • has a local and global blacklist that you can let fill automatically or manually with unsubscribed newsletter recipients. No recipient in this blacklist will get email anymore.


SuperMailer 64bit version
SuperMailer - 64bit software