Start64!AmiBroker is a comprehensive technical analysis program, allowing you to study and predict trends in the market and to maintain a portfolio of shares. It incorporates a powerful set of technical analysis tools, OLE Automation/ARexx interface with rich command set and several options for quotation data import. All these features are available from clean and user friendly interface.

Powerful charting

  • instant viewing of daily/weekly/montly charts in line, bar or candlestick styles overlaid with configurable moving averages, Bollinger bands, Volume chart, SAR, etc.
  • tens of most popular indicators built-in including ROC, RSI, MACD, OBV, CCI, MFI, NVI, Stochastics, Ultimate oscillator, DMI, ADX, Parabolic SAR, TRIN, Advance/Decline line, Accumulation/Distribution, TRIX, Chaikin oscillator, unique risk-to-yield map and more
  • study drawing tools including trend lines, horizontal/vertical lines, Fibonacci retracements and timezones, text boxes
  • multiple chart panes, windows, different views and time scales are possible all at the same time
  • extermely fast zooming and live scrolling


AmiBroker 64-bit Edition


Multiple data feeds

AmiBroker is capable of handling virtually ANY exchange in the world.

  • User-configurable ASCII import wizard - allows you to read quotes in the format you can define!
  • Built-in Metastock(R) database importer - reads directly all stocks from your Metastock database in a matter of seconds!
  • AmiQuote downloader program provides quick way of obtaining free end-of-day quotes from major world exchanges (all US markets, LSE, ASX, Paris, Milan, Frankfurt)
  • Script-driven, one-click automatic downloaders available for NYSE, Amex, Nasdaq, Australian Stock Exchange, Johannesburg Stock Exchange, Warsaw Stock Exchange

AmiBroker is successfully used in the following countries: USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, Italy, Southern Africa, Poland, Holand, Norway, France, ...

For more information on data sources for AmiBroker click here.

Stock & quotes database

AmiBroker features advanced database system that offers the following:

  • unlimited number of stocks and unlimited number of quotes
  • multiple database support
  • stores quotes, company information, financial results, categories, industry/sector information
  • powerful filtering by sector, industry, group and market
  • innovative stock tree browser showing stocks grouped by sectors, industries, indexes
  • automatic handling for composities (number and volumes of advancing, declining and unchanged stocks)
  • automation support allowing you to control your database from external programs written in any language including Java Script, VBScript


AmiBroker 64-bit Edition


Portfolio manager

Built-in portfolio manager helps you track your investments. It allows you to register buy/sell transactions, calculates brokerage commissions, dividends (with definable dividend tax), and cash deposits/withdrawals. You get instant calculation of your equity value, percentage and point yield.

Scripting support

AmiBroker features OLE automation interface that exposes objects and methods that can be accessed from any programming language including scripting dialects such as JScript (JavaScript) and VBScript. The scripting capabilities of AmiBroker allow you to automate time consuming database management tasks. Using scripting you will be able to create automatic downloaders, maintenance tools, and exporters customized to your specific needs.

Internet integration

AmiBroker features a built-in web browser that allows you to quickly view company profiles. The profile viewer is completely configurable so you can set it up for your particular exchange. The settings are market based so you can access different web sites for each market automatically. No longer will you be forced to waste your time browsing manually to get the latest news and stock related information.


AmiBroker is designed to be configurable and customizable in almost every area. It is not tied to particular exchange or data provider. Thanks to flexible import methods and scripting you will be able to adapt it easily to your favorite market(s). Also technical analysis tools built into AmiBroker allow you to change every parameter with ease, and if you want even more, you can create your own indicators using AmiBroker's flexible formula language.


AmiBroker 64-bit Edition
AmiBroker - 64bit software