Mokka 64bit version

2013-May-05 | Tags: 3dcad

Start64!Mokka is an open-source motion analyzer software that can read, edit, write and visualize motion capture data (trajectories, model outputs, events, analog, force-plates). Mokka is especially designed for movement science applications like gait analysis, biomechanical research, sport analysis…

Mokka 64bit version

Mokka is compatible with several file formats used in biomechanics and can be categorized by compagny:

  • Vicon, Motion Analysis, XSens, NaturalPoint, etc.
    • C3D file format
    • Motion Analysis
    • ANB file format
    • ANC file format
    • TRB file format
    • TRC file format
    • XLS file format
  • BTS Bioengineering (Elite)
    • ANG file format
    • EMG file format
    • GR* file format
    • MoM file format
    • PWR file format
    • RAH file format
    • RAW file format
    • RIC file format
  • Ascension Technology Corporation
    • EMF file format

Mokka uses the file format MVC (Mokka Model Visual Configuration) to configure the visual aspects of the acquisition (markers' color, markers' size…). It can also read VSK (Vicon Skeleton file) and VST (Vicon Skeleton template) file used by the software Nexus.

Mokka loads automatically a visual configuration when you open an acquisition file with the same name (try to load it from the list or from the acquisitions' folder).

Mokka is able to receive file dragged and dropped from your file browser to the 3D view.

Mokka 64bit version
Mokka - 64bit software