Empire XP 64bit version

2017-Jul-10 | Tags: gamewin10-64bitwin8-64bit

Start64!Build an empire in this Risk-like game. Conquer the World, or one of 11 other maps, with up to ten computer opponents, or play against a friend (LAN/Internet and Hotseat). Minimize your losses during the game and, if you are good enough, get your name listed on the world's top-20 Web site.

You also can create maps and campaigns of your own and share them with others. The game's options include seven computer personalities to choose from, the ability to chat while playing, statistics, and the option to play with or without dice.

Version 4.4 strongholds game, features high scores for custom (download) maps, new color scheme and background, and x64 version available on the Web site.


Empire XP - x64 version


Empire XP - x64 version
Empire XP - 64bit software