Start64!New version! - s7Raw is a top tool for your work with photos in the raw-format. s7Raw can be used to change pictures from 8 to 16 bit PSD, TIFF or JPEG formats. Also different editing options are included as well. Use s7Raw for rotating and enhancing your digital pictures (brightness, contrast, saturation, hue, sharpening). Also it's possible to use this freeware for mass editing of complete image collections using the included batch functions.

S7Raw - x64 version

This version of "s7raw" can do following things

  • support RAW FILEs made by above listed finepix.
  • output files of 16bit or 8bit PSD and TIFF or JPEG formats with EXIF,
  • change white balance of the image,
  • rotate the image to right or left,
  • adjust the parameters of gamma, brightness, contrast, saturation and hue,
  • "Selective Colors Adjustment" has been implemented.
  • harden or soften the sharpness,
  • display the live histgram, and magnify the image.
  • Batch job facility is implemented.
  • Grid snappable crop tool is implemented.
  • save and load decode parameters.
  • display embedded preview pictures on "file open" and "batch job" dialogs.
  • LensCorrection is implemented.(Distortion, Choromatic, Vignetting)
  • Color space is selectable(sRGB, AdobeRGB and FinepixRGB).
  • With an Explorer Extension to show thumbnails of RAF files in the Thumbnails view of Explorer and the FileOpenDialog on WinXP.
  • Compressed RAF files (by HS-V2) can be opened.
S7Raw - x64 version
S7Raw - x64 version