AKVIS OilPaint 64-bit version

2015-Jul-12 | Tags: Imagephotophotoshopplugin

Start64!AKVIS OilPaint is photo to painting software that creates oil paintings from photographs. The characteristic feature of the program is a unique algorithm of the artistic application of brush strokes that authentically reproduces the technique of the real brush.

Creating a real oil painting is long and complicated process. With the OilPaint software you can become a painter and turn your photos into works of art in just a few minutes!

AKVIS OilPaint 64-bit version

Oil painting is one of the most popular techniques. The history of this method goes back many centuries. Traditionally, artists apply oil paints to a linen or cotton canvas. The advantages of oil painting are bright luminous colors which blend well, expressiveness of the brush strokes that gives the picture a special rough texture, brilliance and naturalness of the picturesque image.

AKVIS OilPaint 64-bit version
AKVIS OilPaint - 64-bit software

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