Advanced Batch Image Converter 64-bit version

2015-May-02 | Tags: cadfreewareiconImagepdfphotoportable

Start64!ABIC (Advanced Batch Image Converter) is a multiplatform tool for converting images from and to a wide variety of formats, for example: JPEG, TIFF, PNG, JPEG-2000, WebP. It can also read some historic ones, in particular Amiga IFF (ILBM). Features: Supports dozens of image file formats; Runs on Windows, Mac OS X and many more OSes; Multithreaded (can use all cores of a CPU); Portable software (also runs without installation); Can process images with 16 bits depth (only for certain formats, like TIFF and JP2).

  • It converts image files in various formats (among them are JPG, TIFF, PNG, JPEG-2000, WebP)
  • Multithreading: ABIC will use every core to convert image files, if multiple files are selected (with restrictions, see documentation page)
  • Multiplatform: Binaries for Windows 32/64 bit (with and without installers) and OS X are provided, source code is available for compilation on Linux and other Unixes.
  • There is a portable version which stores nothing in ini-files or in the registry
  • Capable of converting 16-bit-images
  • Preview
  • Completely free, no nags, no additional downloads like toolbars etc.

Advanced Batch Image Converter 64-bit version

Advanced Batch Image Converter 64-bit version
Advanced Batch Image Converter - 64-bit software

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