Hyper3D 64-bit version

2014-Dec-07 | Tags: 3dimagephoto

Start64!Hyper3D is an application for Microsoft Windows and Apple OS X that can visualize various types of image data, including hyperspectral images, 3D models, and 3D CT medical images. The software was originally developed as part of a 3D image spectroscopy suite to collect hyperspectral images and map them to 3D geometries (see Kim et al. 2012).

Hyperspectral imaging is a relatively new field in computer graphics. The human eye is ordinarily capable of perceiving colors between red to violet (between wavelengths of roughly 700 nm and 390 nm), which we call the visible spectrum. Light outside of the visible spectrum is called infrared (above 700 nm) or ultraviolet (below 390 nm), and appears to humans as an intense red or violet color, respectively. Hyperspectral imaging goes beyond the visible spectrum to capture light in the ultraviolet and infrared spectra as well, providing a fuller and more useful picture of an object. Hyperspectral imaging technology has therefore been used in disciplines from biology and mineralogy to art history and cultural heritage.

Hyper3D 64-bit version

Hyper3D 64-bit version
Hyper3D - 64-bit software

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