Krita 64-bit version

2014-Mar-07 | Tags: freewareimagephotowin8-64bit

Start64!Krita is an free and cross-platform creativity application for digital painting, image manipulation, concept art, comics and texture creation. It is modeled on existing real-world painting materials and workflows, but also packs with functions like layers, filters, vector path drawing, typography, and built-in color management support. Krita is a KDE application based on Calligra platform.

  • Drawing and painting oriented design
  • Right-click quick access to color wheel, color history and favorite brushes
  • Highly adjustable brush system
  • Layers with various mixing options, including multiply, overlay and opacity control
  • Can create vector layers with complex objects and editable texts
  • Supports autosave
  • Customizable toolbar, shortcuts and drag-and-drop panels
  • Wide range document formats support, including GIMP and Adobe Photoshop
  • Built-in color management system, supports color space conversion, RGB, CMYK and L*a*b, etc.
  • Extensible through OpenShiva, Python or Ruby scripts
  • Cross-platform, supports various GNU/Linux distributions, FreeBSD, Microsoft Windows and Mac OSX

Krita 64-bit version


Krita 64-bit version

Native Load and Save

  • Krita document (.kra)
  • OpenRaster Archiving image (.ora)
  • PPM image
  • PGM image
  • PBM image
  • PNG image
  • JPEG image
  • Windows BMP image
  • XPM image
  • XBM image
  • TIFF image
  • EXR image

Krita 64-bit version
Krita - 64-bit software

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