Xara Web Designer 64bit version

2013-Apr-04 | Tags: imagephotowin8-64bit

Start64!Web Designer Premium is unique in that it's the only truly free-form web design tool, that allows true freedom of web page design, with 'anything anywhere' yet produces completely accurate WYSIWYG results. In other words you can position text, graphics, photos anywhere on the page, any size, any angle, overlaid, with transparency...and Web Designer Premium will produce a pixel accurate perfect working HTML page.

Web Designer Premium can do things that are regarded as near impossible with other web-authoring software, such as repel text around irregular shapes and photos. It includes advanced vector graphics tools to draw anything from simple shapes to complex company logos and graphics. It includes automatic optimization of graphics (not only producing optimized resolution images, but automatically detecting repeating elements across the website so producing faster, more optimized websites).

Xara Web Designer 64bit version

It supports CSS layers with advanced features such as transparency, even graduated transparency, mouse-over effects and more. It creates cross-browser, cross-platform totally XHTML compatible HTML websites. And as browsers advance, Web Designer advances too and exports your website so as to make best use of the capabilities of the latest browsers, while also still working in older browsers that are still commonly in use. For example modern devices with high resolution screens see high resolution images in your site, while devices and browsers without such capabilities see download and show only ordinary resolution image

Xara Web Designer 64bit version

On top of all this Web Designer Premium is perhaps the easiest, simplest to learn web authoring tool available.

Web Designer Premium is aimed at graphic designers who do not want to learn HTML or scripting languages. For graphics designers it's the perfect 'rapid website prototyping' tool.

It's also aimed at beginners who just want the easiest possible way of create professional looking websites.

Web Designer Premium provides no programming tools, no script editing and doesn't even provide an 'HTML view'. Our design philosophy is this: You do not need to know the PDF programming language in order to produce PDF files. So neither should you have to know anything about HTML or Javascript in order to create great websites.

Xara Web Designer 64bit version
Xara Web Designer - 64bit software